Alzheimer's Activity Center 


 Alzheimer's Activity Center 


 Alzheimer's Activity Center 


Valle Monte League has supported Alzheimer's Activity Center since 1986. In the photo below, Linda Conover, president of Valle Monte League, presented a check to the Alzheimer's Activity Center in 2017.


Thanks to Valle Monte League's fundraising, Alzheimer's Activity Center is able to serve 75 clients daily, 195 unduplicated annually, and over 550 family members.  The Center provides 17,940 client days, 17,940 lunches and a total of 127,263 respite hours.  The goals are to reduce isolation and stress, delay institutionalization and support the caregiver.  When these goals are met, the family unit experiences better mental and physical health.


Valle Monte LC Alzheimers Ctr

Maria Nicolacoudis, Linda Conover

About the Alzheimer's Activity Center


Alzheimer's Activity Center's mission is to enrich the lives of people affected by Alzheimer's and related conditions by providing safe, nurturing, intergenerational services and support.  The Center provides daycare/respite to older adults with Alzheimer's and related disorders, support and care management for their families, community education, childcare (2-5 years) and intergenerational programming.  For over 22 years, the Center has provided therapeutic activities that enhance cognitive skills, stimulate social interaction, encourage mobility and stability, and assistance in nutrition and personal hygiene.

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