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Christmas Tree Elegance

 Buon Natale ~ Christmas in Italy


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In Italy, the Christmas season is a wonderful mixture of breathtaking sights, tantalizing smells, and captivating sounds.  Travel with us ...  

Imagine strolling through the Christmas markets, mingling with the people, and sampling the incredible food.  Piazzas in every town are filled with wonderful crafts and gifts, and the smell of roasted chestnuts “castagne” lingers in the air.  The colorful array of beautiful seasonal flowers and rich garlands adorn the glorious architecture.  

Whether you are at a palatial villa on LakeComo with a view of Alps, in Firenze decked in all its renaissance glory, at a Tuscan farm house in Chianti, in Piazza Navona viewing the amazing Nativity scene, or in the south enjoying a traditional Yule Log, one thing holds true.  The Christmas magic is everywhere.  Our journey continues as we head north bringing us back for the glorious finale with Christmas in Rome!  What a trip we have had … the architecture, the history, the beauty.   So please raise a glass of prosecco and join us as we celebrate Christmas in Italy!

Those of us raised in the Santa ClaraValley have been blessed with a wonderful Italian influence.  Who doesn’t remember all the Italian cookies, panettone, ravioli, and all the special food we love to share over the Christmas holidays?  Christmas Eve, the beautiful flowers, the smell of fresh trees … all of this means Christmas for so many of us, Italian or not.  As we enter into another holiday season, remember what truly matters … the love of family and friends of every nationality, good health, and the joy that brings us all.





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